Moving Beyond Zero in OHS

By taracurley
In June 9, 2017
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For some time, there have been a contentious concept in workplace health and safety as to bringing accidents and injuries to zero harm, the concept has been an important stepping stone in encouraging employers and workers to think about safety, how it is applied and managed in their workplaces, and ensure accurate measurement and reporting.

But what is the next step for Health and Safety……….how do we go beyond achieving zero?

You don’t hear company directors celebrating breaking even on a project with no profit? So why celebrate simply not hurting their employees? Is it enough?

Reducing worker harm to as low as possible, if not zero, is an established concept of work health and safety management reflects a core business value. Although health and safety management should not be static. Recently many business and safety professionals have begun to challenge the established health and safety “order” to reassess and rethink health and safety management practices. It is necessary to step forward to a new, more relevant, effective way of managing safety.

To move beyond zero to provide a continuous improvement in workplace health and safety, it includes the following:

  • Establishing trust in a workplace amongst workers and management
  • Considering safety as an integrated business process, not a separate entity.
  • Revaluate the language surrounding health and safety to drive powerful communication
  • Seeing workers as the solution, not the cause
  • Giving workers the power and opportunity to get involved in the process
  • Think creatively and be open to new ideas
  • Effective communications between health and safety, and productivity and efficiency


If you wish to reach beyond zero, or you’re simply are not satisfied with barely reaching the basic requirements, and you want more both for your employees and for your company- give us a call! 

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