5 Minute Desk Stretch

By taracurley
In November 13, 2017

Office stretches are essential to prevent musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain. Its never a bad idea to take a quick walk- to the printer (the furthest one from your desk), to the water fountain or for a coffee. And I’d recommend that you do this as often as possible. We need to keep moving.

But when you can’t… and you’re stuck at your desk, why not try the 5 minute desk stretch!

Before we begin please note that:

  • Every stretch should be held for 10 -15 seconds
  • Repeat stretches every hour if possible


Lets go!

1. Triceps stretch:

Reach your opposite shoulder from back of your neck. Place your other hand on elbow of that hand. Now pull your elbow towards your head. Repeat with the other arm!

2. Wrist stretch:

Place your arm out straight- elbow locked, palm facing downwards. Now bend your hand upwards from wrist. Use your other hand to pull your fingers towards you. And repeat with the other wrist.

3. Pectoral stretch

You can do this either in standing or sitting. Clasp both of your hands behinds you with palms facing outwards. Now move your arms up towards your head until you feel the stretch.

4. Torso stretch:

Feet on ground. Turn your upper body to one side, looking around behind you, and hold. Repeat on the other side.

5. Hamstring stretch:

Straighten your leg. Bend from your back and try to touch your toes.

6. Shoulder shrug:

Raise both shoulder upwards at once up towards ears. And release back down. Repeat 5 times.

7. Neck stretches:

Lean your head forward and stretch down. Now move your head to right and stretch. Repeat on left side too. Lean your head backward and stretch.

8. Ankle stretches:

Place both feet on floor. Now move one leg up and point your toe, bringing it towards you.





Akta Patel is an internationally trained physiotherapist with who has worked as a consultant physiotherapist in
hospital setting. She is currently studying a Postgrad in Occupational Health and Safety in Lambton in Toronto,
specializing in Ergonomics and working as a Physiotherapy assistant in West Hill Physio and Rehab clinic.